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Robotech Soundtrack

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1-1Main Title, 1-2Macross City, 1-3The Mysterious Ship, 1-4The Zentraedi ,1-5Confrontation ,1-6Musica ,1-7The Way To Love ,1-8Boobytrap, 1-9Robotechnology, 1-10Ineptitude ,1-11Love Themes, 1-12Miss Macross ,1-13Stepping Out, 1-14Victory, 1-15The SDF-1, 1-16Battle Stations, 1-17The 15th Squadron ,1-18Desolation, 1-19The Robotech Masters ,1-20Broken Heart ,1-21Private Time, 1-22The United Earth Government, 1-23Reflections, 1-24Eyecatch (Commercial Bumper) ,1-25Minmei's Theme, 1-26The Cosmic Harp, 1-27Sweet Sixteen, 1-28Lifeline, 1-29Rick Hunter's Theme, 1-30The Robotech Follies, 1-31Earth Government Debriefing, 1-32Khyron's Theme ,1-33The Hive, 1-34Roy Fokker's Theme ,1-35Enemy Attack ,1-36Reconstruction Blues, 1-37Hard Times, 1-38It's You ,1-39A New Dawn, 1-40The Invid, 1-41Cyclone ,1-42Catastrophe ,1-43We Will Win, 1-44Love Triangle, 1-45Mission Accomplished, 1-46End Title, 2-1My Time To Be A Star, 2-2The Man In My Life, 2-3To Be In Love, 2-4It's You ,2-5The Right Move, 2-6We Will Win ,2-7Lifeline, 2-8In My Heart, 2-9Underground, 2-10Saved By Science, 2-11Only A Fool ,2-12Call On Me, 2-13The Future Is Now, 2-14Together ,2-15The Flower Of Life ,2-16Look Up! The Sky Is Falling, 2-17It Don't Get Any Better ,2-18Lonely Soldier Boy, 2-19The Way To Love, 2-20We Will Win, 2-21The REF March, 2-22The Young Warriors, 2-23The SDF-3, 2-24Invid Strike, 2-25The Regent ,2-26Love Theme, 2-27The Sentinels

Ficha técnica

Formato: CD
Lanzamiento: 2007
N° de Discos: 2


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Robotech Soundtrack

Robotech Soundtrack

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